Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Letter To My Muse

Dear Muse,

Where are you? You said if I let you go on vacation for a few weeks you'd come back. Well, you're late. A week late. I don't want to sound like your mother, but seriously, I'm starting to freak. Could you at least call or send a text now and then?

I've been waiting up late for you, pacing the floor, and staring at the computer. The family started staring at me. They're giving me the eye. I can see them wondering if they need to pull out the little white jacket with the long sleeves. You know the one. They even took away my letter opener and stapler. I tried to tell them that it's you, not me, they should be worried about, but no, they won't listen. You're giving me a bad name.

So, come back. Please. I promise to give you your space. Lots of it. And days off. And a pay raise. And smoothies. Lots of smoothies. Just come back.



If you want to see my real post head on over to The Scribbler's Cove. *Grin* And Happy 16th Birthday to Kid A.


Brodi Ashton said...

I've written letters to my muse too. I've also tweeted, texted, and pinged. It hasn't worked for me, but I hope it works for you!

LeishaMaw said...

Brodi, LOL. Sigh. I sure hope she comes home soon. If she doesn't, can I borrow yours?

Jonene Ficklin said...

I think your muse and mine took off the same vacation. Maybe they're together. I had the hardest time yesterday! Could be the stinkin' eggs have left me loony - or could be the muse knows better than to come back right now. Great letter! Let me know if it works, ha ha!

Irene B. Gardner said...


If she's with my Muse, you may never see her again. I sure hope she's just off goofing around and will be back soon.

Best of luck, sweetie.


Carolyn V. said...

Aw. I hope your muse comes back soon. <3

LeishaMaw said...

Jonene, well at least if they're together, they're having fun.

Irene,maybe they're both just goofing off and we should yell out the door for them like our moms did when we were little and wanted us to come home.

Carolyn, she better. LOL :)


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