Friday, December 4, 2009

The dreaded work Christmas party

My husband recently started a new job. This means his co-workers haven't been subjected to our family yet. I thought this was a brilliant way to ensure my hubby remained employed.

Then, Hubby came home and announced that the work Christmas party was for families. I stared at him. Seconds ticked by. I think I blinked. Maybe, maybe not. Our ensuing conversation went something like this:

Me: Why?

Him: They want to get to know us.

Me: Only because they don't know better. Didn't you warn them?

Him: Silent, but nodding.

Me: And they still want us to come?

Him: Nodding again.

Me: All of us?

Him: Yup. It's at a restaurant.

Me: Whimpering in fear.

I think you should know that the last time our family went to a restaurant was bad. We took them out for Chinese. It went something like this, small children, small attention spans, small grains of rice. Large mess.

The waiters, kitchen staff, and owner, came and stood in a semi-circle behind us, holding brooms and vacuums. They didn't say a word. Just stared. And held their cleaning supplies.

Have you ever been stared at by seven silent, vacuum wielding Chinese people? Not to mention the entire room of less messy guests. Needless to say, we left and haven't darkened the doors of a restaurant since then. At least not with the kids in tow.

These are the types of things new employers should know before they decide to include families, especially my family, in Christmas parties. And, even though we warned them several times, (I made Hubby go back and share a few more details of exactly what they might be getting into) we are heading to, you guessed it, a Chinese restaurant.

Maybe I'll bring my own vacuum and a "I'm sorry" card for Hubby's new boss.


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