Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm the White Rabbit. Who are you?

Lately I've been running around muttering things like, "I'm late, I'm late!" I almost sprouted white, fluffy fur and a tuft of a tail. My slim grasp on reality held me back. Barely. I might be thankful. I'm not sure though.

Why would I almost grow fur and up my leg shaving regiment? It's simple, there aren't enough hours in the day. I don't think ninety-two would be enough. Ack, that makes my eyes droop just thinking about it.

Car pools, laundry, dinner, hair appointments, children, framing closets, stuffing itchy, scratchy insulation into walls, critique groups, cleaning, reading and writing (one must make time for the bare essentials), and even a shower or two. And that was all just in the last half-hour. Well, not the shower, it will have to wait.

But yes, I think I'm channeling the White Rabbit from, Through The Looking Glass/Alice in Wonderland. Although when polled, my children voted that I'm the Red Queen. I think I may have yelled, "Off with their heads!" a few times in the last day or so. But, no, I must veto them. I have to be the White Rabbit. The Queen is never in this much of a rush, is she?

Now, I don't really want to be either the Queen, or the White Rabbit. I'd much rather be . . . Hmmm. This is such a toughie. Alice? No. The Mad Hatter? Maybe, I am a little off my rocker. The Cheshire Cat? Freaky. One of the potions? That would be fun. Ahhh, so many great choices to choose from.

If you could slip through the looking glass into the wacky Wonderland world, who would you be? Drop a comment and let me know. And, I really hope today doesn't last ninety-two hours. Please no.


Stephanie said...

Without question, the Mad Hatter. :)

LeishaMaw said...

The Mad Hatter is a great character. No wonder you're so fun. :)

Blake Goddard said...

The caterpillar.

Jenilyn said...

My perception is skewed by The Looking Glass Wars. And I totally want to be Hatter Maddigan.


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