Monday, April 26, 2010

Please Don't Be Offended If I Bring Dog food To Your Funeral

Sometimes you just know you'd be great friends with someone. Even if you've never met them, you know this person must be sharing your brain, or perhaps may be a kindred spirit. Yes, I stole the kindred spirit thing from Anne of Green Gables because Anne rocks.

Over the weekend, I heard a story that made me grin for days. I'm still grinning. I've never met the person in the story, but she's my kind of lady. Here's the story.

My friend's grandma's friend (are you following that, or do I need to go over it again?) passed away. Grandma had spent many happy years with this friend and wanted to show her love by bringing something delicious to the dinner after the funeral. This fine woman decided to bring a pie, probably because pies are sweet and straight from Heaven and reminded her of her friend much more than rolls or funeral potatoes. And yes, here in Utah we serve a dish called funeral potatoes. It's good, so don't diss our dish.

Anywho, Grandma went to the store and purchased a pie. While at the store, she also purchased some dog food. Then she drove to the church and dropped off the pie, went home to change and feed her dog. When she opened the sack, both she and the dog were surprised. No dog food. What was in the sack? You guessed it--pie.

At this point most people would probably freak. I know I'd be tempted to say a few choice words, but not Grandma. She threw back her head and laughed. Don't you love her?

Amid her belly chuckles, she had a heart-to-heart with her friend, explaining everything. Can't you see the friend on the other side laughing, too? Grandma then jumped in the car and rushed to the church, because even if her friend would have got a kick out of the mistake, she didn't want to offend or injure any tender family feelings.

To her immense relief the "pie" was still in the bag. (Until now.)

When I heard this story I knew Grandma was my kind of people. I want to be the kind of person who loves her family and friends, loves to lend a helping hand, but can get a good laugh over her own mistakes. Now, my own family and friends can witness that I make a ton of mistakes, so please don't be offended if I bring dog food to your funeral. And if I do, please laugh with me about it.


Cherie said...

Go ahead and bring dog food to my funeral, provided you own a dog, he he.
I never have been a big funeral potato fan, are you sure they're not an acquired taste? Everyone I know who grew up exclusively in Utah loves them (a subconscious love of funerals?), not sure about those who didn't. Maybe Amie can enlighten us.

Cherie said...

urgh, what happened to not disappearing into cyber-space?

Cherie said...

oh, I see

Cherie said...

You can go ahead and delete these extraneous comments. :-)

LeishaMaw said...

Cherie, I wouldn't dream of deleting your comments. Besides, you are the only one who gave me permission to bring dog food to your funeral. I'm not getting a dog, but I still might show up with dog food. Just saying.

Blake Goddard said...

I want my dog burried in my casket with me so if you bring dogfood to my funeral, I'll assume it is for him.

LeishaMaw said...

Blake, I'd be surprised if you were burried without your dog, and your ferrets, and a couple of other creatures just for good measure. You always make me smile with your wit and humor. Thanks.


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