Thursday, April 22, 2010

Armando! Please make sure to roll the r. It needs to sound like a sexy Latin lover.

Armando (remember to roll the r so he sounds like a sexy Latin lover) lives at my house. In my desk drawer to be exact. Why would I keep a sexy Latino in my desk drawer? Because he only sounds like a sexy Latino. Armando (roll the r) is my camera.

I can imagine the looks on your faces and the questions on your lips. Questions like, "Who names their camera?" and "Where can I get an Armando camera?" I realize that far more of you will be asking the second question because who wouldn't want a camera named Armando?

Here's the story behind Armando. (Are you still rolling the r? It's important.) The camera hasn't always been Armando. He used to just be, the camera. He didn't even get a capital letter for his name. I feel a little sad about his gloomy past, but I was naive and know better now. What brought about the change? My friend's camera died a tragic death. I'd go into details, but this is a family-type blog and it just would be too horrific.

Well, my friend needed a camera to keep her company during long family parties and other functions, so I volunteered mine. camera (note the lower case to imply camera's bleak existence up to this point) went willingly, and a relationship was born.

They began dating. My friend re-named camera Armando (roll the r) and his life took a quick turn for the better. Armando went to reunions, plays, parties, Christmas dinner. Here are some pics from his wild fling with my friend.

Armando (roll the r) lived it up until . . . you guessed it. My friend found someone else. Someone new. Now Armando sits in the drawer, but he has his memories, digitally mastered images of the best two weeks of his life. And he has his name. There is no way he can go back to being camera. Armando he is, and Armando he'll stay. (Did you roll the r?) And yes, this is a true story. Seriously.


Blake Goddard said...

Does Armando very e-sneaky? Does he hide sometimes like a mysterious lover?

LeishaMaw said...

I don't think he has a mysterious lover, but he does hang out by my computer a lot. Maybe they have a secret thing going.

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic! I used to name my locker in Junior High and still name my cars. The kids love to say, "Junior needs a drink" when we go to get gas. Moreover, I used to know a guy named Armando Jones. This is chelsea, btw.

LeishaMaw said...

Chelsea, our cars are never thirsty, they're hungry and we take them out to lunch. As my six-year-old says, "Cause they're starving."
Btw my computer is named Baby and I love her. I told my hubby that if the house caught on fire his job is to get the kids and I'll get
Okay, I'd get the kids first.But I would mourn Baby.


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