Thursday, December 16, 2010

Family Fun and Autopsies

One more week for the contest. Click here for details. Come on people, you know you want to.

And on to the post.

I've messed up my husband. (I know this must come as a shock to you all. I am so terribly normal after all.) How you ask? I ruined his ability to sit through a movie or a television show and just watch it.

As a writer I can't watch a show without analyzing the plot, studying the characters, and scrutinizing the details. You know, picking it apart to see how it works. Think of it as a movie autopsy. But without the death part--it's cleaner that way, and I don't get blood on my furniture.

Hubby has put up with this for years now, and he held out a long time. He'd say things like, "Can't you just watch it?" And I'd answer with something cheeky. (Again you all must be shocked.)

Last night Kid A, Hubby, and I watched an old SG1 episode. As the show progressed, Kid A and Hubby started dissecting the episode. It was great! They each made comments about the script, the characters and their developing arcs, inconsistencies they noticed, and motivations behind the actions of each character. It was like a show within a show, and I loved every minute of it.

I wanted to throw back my head and say, "Mwahahahahaha! My evil plan is working! I have demented you. You have crossed over to the dark side. Mwahahahaha ha!"

But I didn't. I just grinned to myself and added my own observations. Who said watching TV isn't a good way to get closer as a family? All you need is a little bit of conversation and an autopsy or two. Now go forth and do. :)


Elena Solodow said...

I remember I had a screenwriting teacher who said the same thing - "you will be officially ruined for film for the rest of your life, and ruin those around you with your knowledge of The Story." He was right.

Jonene Ficklin said...

Sounds like a heavenly evening to me : ). Well done! By the way, CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful news!!!!!!!!! You are more than deserving!!

L.T. Elliot said...

I do this, too. My poor hubby never sits through a movie in silence unless it's really, really good!

LeishaMaw said...

Elena, it is so true. But at least I'm not alone now. Poor Kid A and Hubby. :)

Jonene, it was a good way to spend the evening. And thanks. :)

L.T., I think I even say things during the really good ones. Of course then it's stuff like, "Man, I'd kill to be able to write like that." Or maybe, "Oh, that was a good line. Did you see what the writer just did?"

Cherie said...

I'm glad someone sees the wisdom in talking during a movie, lol.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Awesome! I've corrupted my hubs the same way. I knew when we came home from a movie and he was complaining about character development. I just watched in awe. ;)

LeishaMaw said...

Cherie, lol, but in our case we're talking ABOUT the movie. He he.

Susan, isn't it a proud moment? :)

Irene B. Gardner said...

Ahhh, Leisha, my sweet friend, you always give me a new and exciting way to view life. Thanks so much for your help (with my burning issue at the PT office).

You are amazing.


Donea Lee said...

I like it! It's nice when the fam comes around to your ways, isn't it? :)

LeishaMaw said...

Irene, anytime, my friend. :)

Donea, it sure is. Now I just need to convince them to do the dishes and laundry. :)

The Huffies said...

Remind me never to watch a movie with you (kidding!) but seriously, I can't take it when Ben analyzes movies or shows, I just want to watch and not think :)


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