Thursday, December 23, 2010

Contest Winners!

The time has come to announce the contest winners. Can you hear the anticipation? And yes, you can hear anticipation if you listen hard enough. It kind of sounds like drum rolls. Hark, I hear them now.

Here is Kid D picking winner number one:

And the winner of the Barnes and Nobel gift certificate is:


The winner of the hand drawn facsimile of a Barnes and Nobel gift certificate (non-negotiable but still really cool) is:

Jonene! You lucky woman you.

And last of all, the winner of the twenty-five page critique is:


Well, the drum rolls are fading so that must be the end. Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. And thanks to all you guys out there reading. *Grins*

If you are a winner of one of these fabulous prizes, send me an email at so I can get your addy. I will drop the prizes in the mail right after Christmas because I'm not crazy enough to brave the post office today or tomorrow. *Shudders*

Thanks again everyone and Merry Christmas!


Donea Lee said...

Woo hoo!!! I'll e-mail you soon. Thanks, Leisha! Merriest Christmas to you and yours ~ :)

Jonene Ficklin said...

Oh my heck! I'm a winner in more ways than one! Thanks for the contest and for such a great blog.
Merry Christmas!!!

L.T. Elliot said...

Congrats to the winners! Have a wonderful holiday!

Carolyn V. said...

Woo hoo! Congrats to the winners!

Hope you had a great Christmas Leisha! =)

LeishaMaw said...

Donea, I'm excited to see your pages! Congrats. :)

Jonene, you are a winner in more ways than one. And I hope you enjoy your *cough* wonderful facsimile of a gift certificate. He he.

L.T., thanks and I hope you have a great holiday, too. :)

Carolyn, Christmas was great. I hope you had a fabulous one, too.


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