Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Time Has Come, or Ten Real Things About Me

Awhile ago, I blogged on ten things I imagine about myself and promised the real ten things would soon follow. So, today, after many sighs and groans, here they are.

The top, or maybe not top--maybe not really in any order, ten real things about me:

7: I have large feet. It's true. My dad called me Sasquatch growing up, but he meant it all in love. I don't have a complex about it at all.

3: I'm a girl and have been all my life.

4: I have four kids. That's why this is number four. (I'm also good with numbers and counting and things. That's why I'm a writer. And, I used too many ands in that sentence on purpose, because I'm good with words and things, too. And, I like to start sentences with and, because it fun and against all kinds of high school English rules.)

1: I spend most of my time in another world having conversations with my imaginary friends. And, yes, I have imaginary friends, otherwise known as the characters in my books. One day, I hope to get paid for having lots of conversations with imaginary people. That would be freaking awesome.

8: I don't like housework, because I'm sane. Sane people don't like housework. It's a proven fact.

10: I like cats, because I'm crazy. Crazy people like cats. It's a proven fact. That's why they have a spokesperson, yup, the crazy cat lady. If the writing thing doesn't pay off, I'm gunning for her job.

6: I can't eat sugar. This is where you can cry for me. Imagine a whole life where you can't eat donuts and chocolate to help you feel better. Sniff.

2: I'm allergic to exercise. I break out in a sweat and get sore muscles and stuff. Clearly, it's an allergic reaction, and I should limit my exposure. I don't want to die from anaphylactic shock or anything. (Okay, I usually work out several times a week, I just like to complain about it. A lot.)

9: I'm an elf, which is way better than a vampire. Sheesh. Okay, maybe this should read: I aspire to be an elf. The rules are so strict on this real things about me stuff.

5: I have a firm grasp on reality.

11: I married up. Yup.

There you have it, some not too boring details about me, and they're all real, even number five and seven. It's hard to believe, I know, but I'm that interesting. Yup. You are now free to get on with your lives.


daidremaw said...

About number five, are you sure about that?

LeishaMaw said...

Daidre, um, as firm as tofu? Yeah, that sounds about right.

Jenilyn said...

Leisha, you're hilarious! Your blog makes me smile. :)

LeishaMaw said...

Jenilyn, you make me smile, too. Thanks! =)

Hilary Wagner ~ Debut Author said...

OMG, Leisha! My feet our gnarly and enormous! My husband always teases me about them! "My big dogs!" Ha!

xoxo -- Hilary

LeishaMaw said...

Hilary, I've heard (maybe just in my own head) that big feet are a sign of intelligence. I love the "big dogs" line. Thanks for bringing a chuckle to my day. :)

Texasblu said...

lol - my 2nd daughter has long feet, and that's exactly the same thing my husband calls her. And btw, she says she's an elf too.

LeishaMaw said...

Aine, she sounds like a brilliant, big-footed elf girl. Didn't I say having big feet made you smart? Yup, it's official.

ali said...

Leisha, you are wonderfully awesome! I'm so glad you found my blog because I've been totally missing out by not visiting YOURS.

I especially loved hearing about your allergic reaction to exercise. I've always wondered what was wrong with me, but now I know! What a relief!

Rebecca J. Carlson said...

Sorry about the sugar! That's tragic.

LeishaMaw said...

Ali, we can both complain about our "allergies" together--maybe that way someone will listen. ;)
Thanks for stopping by.

Rebecca, I do miss doughnuts. Sigh.

Lia Victoria said...

Elves> Vampires. Just for that, I am convinced you obviously have a tight grasp on reality. :]

LeishaMaw said...

Lia, that's what I thought. :)

Kasie West said...

So if you have big feet, does that mean you're tall? Or are they disproportionally big?? (I need to know because I'm trying to give you a bigger complex about them). :) I like your ten facts. Especially the one about the allergic reaction to working out. I get that too. I wonder if it's an epidemic. We should all avoid it for now and see if we can cure this disease.

LeishaMaw said...

Kasie, I'm 5'9", so they're not out of proportion NOW. But old mindsets die hard.

The trouble with avoiding excercise is, I'm also allergic to buying new pants if I can't fit into my old ones because of lack of excercise. Such a hard choice. He he.

Jolene Perry said...

And I start sentences that way too.

LeishaMaw said...

Jolene, sweet. I'm in good company.


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