Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Swamped Today

Today is crazy busy. The kind of crazy busy where you have seven kids screaming and running around you in circles. The kind of crazy where you still have a toilet sitting on your deck, and you're worried about what the seven screaming children will do with the toilet. The kind of crazy where you think things like, Maybe it will be okay if they use it.

But the point of all this is, I'm not going to get around to a real blog post today. I mean, I could continue to rattle on and not say anything of real importance. (Please don't mention that I rarely, if ever, say anything of real importance. It might shatter my self image. And that would be mean.)

So anyway, I vow to post something slightly above sad and pathetic tomorrow. Maybe. For right now, be content with this pic of me giving seven children the evil eye every time they get too close to the toilet. And, Mom, sorry I used the word toilet four times in three paragraphs.


Mary Campbell said...

Oh my gosh that is freaky!!! I feel your pain about the the remodeling wait. I more than feel your pain because we've been remodeling our upstairs for over a year. I'm currently living in my basement apt. The end is nowhere in sight. Hope you get everything accomplished that you need to today.

LeishaMaw said...

Mary, I feel for you. Over a year? That's harsh. Yikes. Good luck. :)

Blake Goddard said...

Does she have two of everything?

Jaime Theler said...

Oy! I might be seeing that evil eye in my dreams. Good luck with the crazy.


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