Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let the Mudding Begin!

Do you remember an eon ago when I posted about finishing my basement? (And you can check out this link, too. They're both about my basement.) But, the point of this is, I wrote them in MARCH!

Yes, March, and we are still working on the basement.

It's now JUNE! Ack!

Well, to be more exact, we've been waiting on the mud-and-tape guy for two months. Two full months. He finally came yesterday! I almost cried, but managed to hold it in until he left. Then I did cry because he only stayed an hour and won't be back until Friday. At this rate I figure I'll still be posting about my basement next March. Or June.

I also cried because I fell down the stairs in my excitement to get him working. It was painful and ugly, but back to the basement and the mud-and-tape guy.

I must admit I was tempted to say a few naughty words, but I didn't because that would be, well, naughty and my mom and kids read this, so it would never do.

So for now, I'll dream of the day I won't trip over 2X4s and Sheetrock. I'll dream of the day my vacuum won't turn white with drywall dust every time I turn it on. I'll dream of the day I get my own writing room. Sigh. Oh, and yes, I'll dream of the day the mud-and-tape guy comes back, because until he does I will still have to climb over construction stuff to do my laundry, and my basement will still look like this.

And I'll still look like this.

Friday please come soon.


Blake Goddard said...

My writing room is an unfinished basement. I am partial to the carpet covering and the cool breeze that comes every ten minutes as my wife goes to the fruit room to get cooking supplies. Ahhhh.

Jonene said...

Here's to fluff and stuff,
and endless dust,
and Moms who endure,
cause they know they must!

Jenilyn said...

I love the picture of you! I feel like that now, but only because of summer vacation. :)

The Stanley's said...

I figured you didn't come walking this morning because your legs are broke. : )

LeishaMaw said...

Blake, my current writing room is the front room--not a good spot for quiet thinking and uninterupted writing.

Jonene, the fluff is my brain, the dust is a pain, the enduring won't last if the guy don't come fast! :)

Jenilyn, I thought the artitst created a remarkable likeness of me. They must be psychic, don't you think?

Anita, just my left leg. :)

Anonymous said...

Two months? Who is he freaking kidding? I would be up in arms.

For us with the basement it was the tile guy. SO hard to get a hold of that I finally let the carpet guys go first. When the tile guy say that, he said something to the effect of, "Really you should have had us do tile before the carpet." Yeah, if I could have GOTTEN AHOLD OF YOU, Tile Guy. But I smiled sweetly and apologized if that made the job any harder.

But worse than that was the plumber. I had to haul him back to our house THREE TIMES because he kept doing the job wrong. Next time I'll have prospective plumbers take an I.Q. test before I hire one.

LeishaMaw said...

Nikki, it sounds like you had quite the experience. Was it worth it in the end? Please say yes. I so need it to be worth it.

Matt said...

You need a new mud and tape guy. Most of them are desparate for work right now. Maybe that was last summer. But two months is rediculous. Did he come Friday?

LeishaMaw said...

Nope and I was angry. I'm still simmering.


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