Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm Bitter

I'm bitter. Literally. When I lick my lips, they're bitter. When I stick my finger in my mouth, it's bitter. And don't look at me like that, all of us, at one time or another, stick a finger in our mouths. It's normal. It's just, most of us don't write about it and stick it on the Internet. So, anyway, I'm bitter.

It started a couple of weeks ago. At first, I thought I had hairspray on my hands and face, so I washed myself. It didn't help, so I washed myself again. Still no better.

I went to my husband and told him I was bitter. It went something like this.

Me: I'm bitter.

Hubby: I'm sorry.

Me: No. I mean, I'm bitter.

Hubby: At what?

Me: Nothing. I'm saying, I am literally bitter.

Hubby, looking at me with much scepticism: Okay?

Me, holding out my hand: Here, taste me.

Hubby, staring at me like I'd lost it. (This happens a lot.): You want me to taste your finger?

Me: Yeah. I'm bitter.

Hubby: That's gross.

Me: You kiss me. Is that gross, too?

Hubby: You're serious, aren't you?

Me: Yes. I'm bitter. Taste.

Hubby, putting my finger in his mouth and making a face: Yuck. You are bitter. What's wrong with you?

Me: I don't know. So many things.

Anywho, I now have a good idea of why I am bitter. It's all the dried pie cherries I've been eating. I think. Maybe. At least, if I lay off them for a few days the bitterness decreases, and I taste almost normal. But then, I eat some more. Why? I don't know. It's like I can't stop myself. Maybe I just want to be bitter. What would Freud say about that?


Heather Dixon said...

Hahaha. Maybe it is actually the cherries...I know that when people eat carrots, they turn orange...

I recommend using body spray and lip gloss that ends in -ilicious. Works like a charm :D

LeishaMaw said...

Heather, like cherrylicious? LOL!

Blake Goddard said...

What happens if you are working in the yard and sweating? Bitter and Salty? Ewww. Just add sugar for an ecclectic new taste!

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Hahaha! That's awesome. No more cherries. :-)

LeishaMaw said...

Blake, just think of me as sweet and sour cherry girl. Kind of a mix of Chinese food and attitude.

Nancy, but they are soooo good. You want to try some? Just think, you could be bitter, too. :)

Amie said...

Well, eventually you'll eat all the cherries and life will be less bitter.

And major kudos to Kenny. He may look at you like you're crazy, but then he always goes along with it.

LeishaMaw said...

Amie, I have about five pounds left. I may be bitter for a while. Kenny does deserve kudos, though. He tasted me, after all. Poor guy. I really love him. :)

Irene B. Gardner said...

Leisha: You are a total nut! That's why I luvs ya. :D I'd keep eating cherries whether I was bitter or not. Yummy.

Hugs and keep up the great work,

Anonymous said...

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- Murk

LeishaMaw said...

Thanks, Murk. :)


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