Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I repent.

I know I vowed to post twice a week, and I failed. Miserably. But I have excuses. Good ones. I wrote over a hundred pages on my WIP! (That's my current novel, by the way. Or Work in Progress for those of you uninitiated into the world of writing.)Yea me. I'm doing a happy dance.

Lucky for you, you can't see it. It's only happy for me. For everyone else it's painful. Seriously, I'm talking you might need morphine or something even stronger. My poor family is trapped in the same room with me and they are crying in despair. My friend thought I was exaggerating, but then she remembered some happy songs performed by me that made her feel that same way. She should know, she shared an apartment with me for a year.

My second excuse is we're remodeling our basement, and I've been sanding and painting between laundry, dishes, kids, and making my keyboard smoke. Remember my pic about how writer's block feels? (And yes I kicked its butt. Did I mention my 100+ pages? Yea me!) Well, this is how remodeling makes me feel.

That is an actual photo of my basement.

Okay, I repent again. It's not my basement. It's someone else's.

But my third excuse is I've been sick. Not some wimpy cough and fever kind of sick, but the kneel at the toilet, worship the porcelain goddess, and wish you'd die kind of sick. I'd rather lose my right arm than puke. Well, okay. I'd rather break my right arm than puke. That is a honest to goodness truth. I know. I've broken my right arm before. It wasn't as bad as vomit.

I'd post a pic of how puking makes me feel, but that would be wrong on so many levels. So now that I've confessed and am trying to turn over a new leaf, I hear-by vow, again, to post twice a week. And next time I will leave out words like puke and vomit.

Unless I need to use them. Which I hope I don't.


D. Cootey said...

100 pages⁉ That’s fantastic, Leisha. Congratulations.

Who cares if you blog or tweet if the end result is a quantum rush in writing in your WIP. Way to go!


Kelli said...

Leisha you are so funny. Even when it's not 4 am and I can't sleep kind of funny. You have great blog posts!

LeishaMaw said...

Douglas, I'm still giddy about the 100 pages. Although I haven't been brave enough to go back and read them yet. :) Thanks for the encouragement!

Kelli, I'm really sorry you were up at four. What the heck, girl? Was the baby up or just you? I'm having a pain in my chest just remembering those days. But I'm glad I could brighten your wee hours. I hope you got some sleep later. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. I love the basement photo, and I can totally relate. We did ours two years ago, during tax season, and my husband is accountant. That means that for the last month of it (the taping, mudding, sanding, painting) there was no "we" only me. And it sucked. So I feel for you and I'm extremely impressed that you can manage 100 pages AND being sick at the same time! That's some juggling act.

Amie said...

Yay 100 pages! But just for future reference, I think I'll take the puke and vomit talk over your previous comments on taking toilets apart.

LeishaMaw said...

Thanks Amie, but I don't want any other problems with toilets. Puke or otherwise. Shudder.


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