Monday, March 29, 2010

Ten Followers, Puzzles, and Writing

My blog is still pretty new. If it were a human, it wouldn't be walking yet, just slobbering all over everything and sucking on bottles. You know, crying and waking up every two hours, messy pants, the works. So even though this sounds a little pathetic, I now have ten followers. Woot woot! Can you hear the crowd cheering? And yes, ten people can be a crowd. Really they can.

My goal right now is to double my followers in the next eon of time. If anyone out there is reading this and wants to help me with my goal, that would be fabulous. No pressure though. If you really want me to wallow in self pity because I never reach my lofty goal that's good, too. :)

Now on to puzzles and writing. My family has been on a puzzle streak. I'm talking everyone. Puzzles everywhere. Big ones, small ones, medium ones, floor puzzles. The works. I guess that's what happens when you unplug the TV for a month because of remodeling. After a while the fam starts doing other things. Weird huh?

But anyway, I sat in front of a 1000 piecer last night. I had sections done, but big holes left gaps in the emerging picture.

Even with the holes, it was exciting. And daunting. What started out as this

will one day, if I keep working at it, become a beautiful picture. It just takes some know how, dedication, time, and lots of work.

As I sat there, staring at the bright colored bits, I thought, This is my novel. It all started with one piece. One shiny, glittery idea, and through a little know how, dedication, time, and lots of work a picture emerged. It still has some holes, but the parts are all there. I just have to stick with it and find where they fit.

Sure it's discouraging sometimes. Working away at a 90,000 word puzzle, is hard, but I'm not alone. My hubby supports me. And I have great writer friends who give me gentle, ego-bruising nudges in the right direction. Thanks guys! And with each nudge a piece falls into place.

One day my picture will be complete. One day it will live. And then I will do the happy dance.

Does anyone have a metaphorical puzzle they're working on? Drop a comment and let me know. Thanks.


D. Cootey said...

My life is a puzzle to which I do not have all the pieces. I suspect that several pieces were carried outside and lost on the bottom of my shoe. I’ll be spending the day in B&N looking for them today.

LeishaMaw said...

I feel that way, too. My six year old finished her puzzle last night and one piece was missing. You should have seen her face. So sad. But today she'll happy again. And so it goes.

And a hearty welcome to follower # 11! raemond66. Thanks for joining us!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that the follower thing escapes me still. I "followed" a couple blogs and it never seemed to mean anything. It's not like it gives me notice of new posts or anything. There must be some social networking thing I'm still oblivious about.

But the puzzle analogy, I totally get that. Except with writing it's like the pieces got mixed up with those of other similar puzzles, too, so there's all this weeding out to do along the way, deciding which pieces stay and which go--and, even worse, sometimes they seem like they fit, but then you discover there are pieces of the same shape that fit in the same spot but make the picture look better. Jeesh!

LeishaMaw said...

Nikki, that is true. Have youever tried to put puzzles together after your kids have mixed them up. So hard. I've thrown more than one away because of that. Now, to decide which pieces of my writing puzzle are from the wrong project. Sigh.

LeishaMaw said...

Hey, a special thanks for the five new followers. Thanks a bunch. I feel so loved.

Gary Maw said...

Speaking of puzzles, the other day I was cleaning my bathroom, lifted the bath mat and lo and behold two pieces of a 100 piece Shrek puzzle. They had been hiding there since the Super Bowl party. My Grandmother would have said - Just because it looks clean doesn't mean it is. Better clean my bathroom more often.

LeishaMaw said...

Gary, ha! I'm sure it was my kids who hid/lost your puzzle pieces. Yikes. Maybe I should look under my bathroom rug for some of our missing pieces. :)


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