Friday, February 26, 2010

Writers block.

I spent the entire week trying to convince myself that writer's block doesn't exist. It's not working. And for those of you who don't write, it feels like this.

But more painful and in your head. You know something is wrong, but you aren't sure how it happened, and you're kind of left hanging. It stinks.

A large portion of my days have been filled with me muttering, "What do I do now?" and, "Stab me in the eye?" over and over again. I even growled like a feral animal when my computer wouldn't type by itself.

My children and hubby have melted into the basement, abandoning me to my fate. Or maybe it is just self-preservation, either way I feel like this.

But without the severed hand. Although I did mention that writer's block is painful.

For my sake, and my family's, I hope this doesn't go on much longer. Growling is hard on your throat.


Jenilyn said...

The car photo made me laugh. Writer's block is painful. I hope it goes away or else you might have to invest in some sort of growling device to take the pressure off of your throat. Good luck!

LeishaMaw said...

Thanks. I'm working right now, and it's starting to feel like I may be onto something. Crossing my fingers. Maybe I can hold off on a growling device. ;)

The Stanley's said...

If I currently feel this way, does it mean I unconsciously have a book trying to get out?
Make it stop!! :)

LeishaMaw said...

Everyone has a book in them. But yours might be stress. Lots and lots of stress. Do you want me to growl at people for you? I'm getting good.

Anonymous said...

I think I had writer's block all through the second half of January and the first 25 days of February. Then suddenly today I blew through 26 pages in no time and feel like I can actually make it to the end. Maybe I'm just a true procrastinator whose ideas only come under pressure of deadlines. Maybe you'll be the same way! Good luck to you!

LeishaMaw said...

Nikki, 26 pages? That rocks! I'm so jealous. I took a break and went to a movie with my hubby. Now I feel ready to tackle my next chapter.


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