Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So What's Your Super Power?

I can already hear the question marks flying. Questions surrounding my sanity. And no, I’m not crazy, but I do believe everyone has a super power. Not like flying, or zapping an arch enemy with eye lasers or anything cool like that. I’m talking about real super powers. The kind we all come with. The kind we keep hidden under our Clark Kent selves that we don’t like to brag about and seldom reveal without blushing. My hubby’s is, duh duh da duh—(that was fan fair in case you didn’t catch it) Super Dish Washing Man. He also does laundry and lets me sleep in. If you don’t think that’s a super power, you’re wrong. It is. An awesome one!

After church on Sunday I started a book, The Queen of Attolia, by Megan Whalen Turner, recommended by my friend Nikki. As I read, my family evaporated. Or I did, I’m not sure which, but I was in the land of Attolia, and I stayed there all day. I didn’t cook. I didn’t get kids ready for bed. I didn’t do ANYTHING but read. It was fabulous. I read all night as I moved on to The King of Attolia, book three in the series. (Book one, The Thief, was also great.) I made myself go to bed at 4:30 in the morning even though I wasn’t done with the book.

Guess what I did on Monday? Yup, you got it. I read. Guess what my hubby did? Yup you got it. He ripped his shirt off in the nearest phone booth and changed into Super Dishwashing Man. (He looks good in spandex. Of course nothing, and I do mean nothing, is sexier than a man doing dishes!)

Not only were my dishes done, my kids fed, bathed, played with, cleaned up after, house cleaned, and laundry done. (I told you he was good!) But he ordered me to sit down and write so I could meet my goal. Talk about super powers!

This made me think about myself. What is my super power? Hmmm. I came up with a few possibilities but finally settled on, duh duh da duh—The Procrastinator! Mwahahahaha! Hey, not all super powers are good ones. With this power I am able to stall large projects in a single bound, forget to feed my kids while reading books, put off chores, and even miss my day helping the Kindergarten teacher.

How did I end up as the villain? Poor Super Dish Washing Man.

And what about our kids? What strange mix of powers did they end up with coming from such diverse parents?

Child A: Go-To Girl. Able to help anyone while wearing a cheerful smile. (Please note that even though her super power clearly puts her on the hero, not villain side, she is trying to kill me by driving the car.)

Child B: Bottomless Pit Boy. Consumes more in one sitting than a full grown man!

Child C: The Gum Locator. Sounds like a strange ability, but hey, he must be part blood hound. He can track down a piece of gum hidden in the back of a closet or bottom of a purse faster than you can say chew.

Child D: The Pink Princess. This power is based on the ability to wear more pink than should be humanly possible while dancing like a princess. Not a very useful power, but a cute one.

So, what is your super power? If you’re reading this take a minute to post a comment on your secret, or not so secret, ability. And no lurking. Lurking is not a super power, but commenting is!


Jenilyn said...

I often think about the possibility of running into people shortly before I actually do run into them. And, oddly enough, I was thinking about posting on my blog about super-powers today. So there you go--I see into the future. Never about anything actually useful, mind you, just about trivialities.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Great post! I wish you'd had it up before Sunday, when I got asked to start working with the kids at church and they introduced me by asking something interesting about me. I blanked. What would kids find interesting? If only I'd thought of a superpower ahead of time.

We seem pretty similar, actually. I procrastinate, and my hubby is an awesome dishman/kids-to-bed guy/kid tickler etc. But if I could do Sunday over again, I'd tell them I'm Wonder Woman. My superpower is extreme optimism. I think I can do anything. Teach two classes and raise kids full-time and write novels and help create a brand-new course in YA lit at the college and serve at church regularly and work toward applying for a PhD program, and still keep the house clean? No problem!

Until I start procrastinating . . .

LeishaMaw said...

Jenilyn, that is funny. Well, great minds think alike!

Nikki, I am the worst. I dip my finger in too many things then put them all off. Sigh.

Blake said...

My wife can smell if a fly passed gas. Her nose is that powerful. She married her nemesis, the noseless-hyperactive-bowels man. Together we tango in a never ending battle of good versus evil. Flower versus skunk. She fights valiantly to stop the onslaught of the devestating covered-wagon. Muahahahaha.

LeishaMaw said...

Blake, not only are you the Noseless-Hyperactive-Bowels man, you are way funny! Thanks for commenting.

fictionwriter said...

I'm a pied piper. I have the ability to attrach small children, dogs and cats from within the sound of my voice. All the kids come running when Joy, or Aunt Jody is within hearing range. Also the amount of dogs and cat within the sound of my voice seems to increase, although they don't belong to me. I guess I just have that attractive personality. I don't know if this is good or bad, but it's expensive. Imagine paying to feed to little puddy tats, and then calling here, kitty, kitty. And now at least ten show up. Same with the canines, can't figure it out, but the word has spread. I wonder if they use the internet or cell phones. Now if only I could get publishers to flock. Hmmm, what should I call?? Her bookie, bookie. No, that might attract an unfavorable crowd. Well there you have it.

Irene B. Gardner said...

Leisha: I'm sooo jealous--that you have the husband you do, not so you can postpone everything and just read. I can do that, but then I'm the only one to go clean up after myself. I think my super power is that I see the good in everyone. I genuinely like people, despite their circumstances or abilities.

You are clever, funny, and very creative, my friend, and I'm grateful we got to know each other.


Rebecca J. Carlson said...

I think my superpower is encouraging other people to be creative.

Anonymous said...

Power naps! That's my secret power. They keep mom happy, which keeps dad happy which keeps everyone happy!

I like yours though. Procrastination is a true art form.

Jonene Ficklin

The Stanley's said...

After much thought, and recent experience, I have decided that I have the super power of invisibility. I can organize things into oblivion. If the papers on my desk remain untouched then they are safe. They can be located after a simple sorting, but if I take the papers and file them away, wa la they disappear. invisible. My super power.


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