Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Sun Is Fire and Did Someone Say Free Book?

Yes, the sun is fire. My six-year-old told me so. This morning she sprawled on the carpet in a patch of sunlight and said, "Doesn't the sun feel good?"

To which, as a sun-lover, I replied, "Yes. It's delicious!"

She sat up and stared at me. It was not an attractive stare. I think it's intended effect was to help poor Mom realize how dense she was. It almost worked, but I held out because I'm strong and am immune to this kind of mental warfare.

When I didn't retract my statement in shame, she said, "How can it be delicious? You can't even eat it."

Now, perhaps I should have been proud of her for her logical analysis, but I wasn't. My thought was, At what point do children begin to understand literary devices? How can my own daughter not realize I was expressing myself with verbal creativity? What have I done wrong?

I then reminded myself she was six, and it would probably all work out right in the end--until she went on to explain about the sun. It is fire. She said so. You can't eat fire or you will die. Again, I know this because of her fine scientific lecture on the properties of the sun. It is also far away. Farther even than California, and that is far. She knows because it took two eternal days of driving to get there. It is also too big to eat, even though I have a big mouth.

"So the sun can't be delicious." She folded her arms and did the little head jiggle thing to prove her superior knowledge.

I smiled, winked at her, and said, "Yes. Yes it is. More delicious even than sleeping in."

She just stared at me and shook her head. Clearly, I can't be taught.

I have a hankering to give away a book. How about, Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick?

Yes, for free. To you guys. Well, not all of you, just one of you. There are several ways to enter this fabulous contest. You can A: Become a fantastic, beloved follower of my blog.

OR, B: Post a link to my blog on facebook, twitter, or another social networking site, then post a comment here telling me you have done this great deed. In fact for option B I will give you two entries, because I'm just that nice. AND If you provide a link to your link so I can check and see if you are telling the truth, I will give you three entries.

OR, for the great peeps who are already followers, option 3: (Which is different than option C) Post a comment telling me you posted a link for my blog on facebook, twitter, or some other social networking site. Which is pretty much the same thing as option B, but listed separately to make you feel special. Is it working?

If you do all three, I'll give you a entry for each.

I'll put all the names in a giant pot, stir them twelve times, then have my six-year-old pick the winner. The name of the lucky person will appear on next Tuesday's blog post. Good luck.


Jenilyn said...

I already have Hush, Hush, but I wanted to agree with you that sunlight is delicious. My house faces east and I love sunrise in the springtime. Not so much in summer, though.

LeishaMaw said...

Jenilyn, I sit by the window to write. My soul craves sunlight.

Anonymous said...

I wish sunlight and computer screens got along better. If they did, I would write outside May through September. Sunlight IS delicious.

LeishaMaw said...

Nikki, yes! Why can't they fix that? I would park myself under a tree at the park, let the kids play, and write all day long.

Chersti Nieveen said...

I just love sunlight -- thanks for the post :-)
I'll enter the contest!

A.) I am now a follower!
B.) I RT you on twitter a link to this post (Link:
C.) I posted the link on facebook (!/profile.php?id=17832424&ref=profile)

LeishaMaw said...

Chersti, thanks for entering and for posting the links. You're awesome. :)

Blake Goddard said...


Already a follower.
Posted your link on my facebook account for 400 friends to see.!/profile.php?id=1406493686

LeishaMaw said...

Blake, you rock. Thanks a ton. Your name will now be stirred. :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't have anything to do on Sunday, so where did it go? Or Saturday. Or Friday. Oh, yes, it was the sunshine and it was glorious and VERY delicious. Great comparison! I think I'll have some more. And yes, please enter me in your contest!

LeishaMaw said...

Thanks everyone, I'll post the winner tomorrow.

The Huffies said...

Can I Still enter your contest...pretty please??!

LeishaMaw said...

Carol, sadly the contest is over, but I'll do another one sometime soon.


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