Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another First Page

Awhile ago, I posted one of my first pages, and recently I participated in a first page contest. The idea behind a contest like this is to discover if your few lines are gripping enough to get the agent, editor, or reader to turn the page.

The contest forced me to think about every word on my page. Then to rethink every word on my page. I'm not sure if I'm there yet, but half the joy of this whole process is in the mind-bruising struggle.

After much internal debate here is one of my entries. And no, I'm not going to tell you how I fared in the contest. :)

EDDIE AND THE MAGIC STAFF (Mid-grade Contemporary Fantasy)


Eddie cringed as his mother pulled up to Quinten Middle School. A sick feeling churned his stomach. He scrunched down into the seat and stared at his shoes.

“All right, Sweetie,” his mom said. “I’ll pick you up after lunch.”

Eddie didn’t look at her. Instead, his gaze swung toward the school. Kids streamed up the stairs like a swarm of ants. He didn’t move. “B-but T-the D-dragon,” he stammered.

His mom sighed, a worry line creasing her forehead. “Greg Paster is not a dragon, even if he calls himself that. We’ve been through this before. He won’t hurt you. I’ve talked to the principal and, he’ll get suspended if he does anything.”

“C-can’t I s-stay h-home?”

“Sweetie, you need to be here. We’ll be gone for two weeks visiting Grandma and Grandpa. Besides, you know I have to run errands.” She paused. “Did you pack everything?”

He nodded then clenched his hands. Once more his gaze raked the school. Don’t you see? It will happen. Greg will happen. Greg always happens.


Blake Goddard said...

Didn't he learn, the teachers are the real dragons. lol. Great first page. I would've turned the page.

LeishaMaw said...

Thanks, Blake. The REAL dragon is yet to come.

The Huffies said...

I would definitely keep reading...when are you sending it to me??

LeishaMaw said...

Thanks, Carol. I'll get it to you soon.


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