Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hush, Hush Winner, and Who Brings A Rooster to the Redbox?

First off, the winner of Hush, Hush is, (please insert imaginary drum roll here) Blake! Several woots to you, Blake, and thanks for playing. I'll get this out to you right away.

Who Brings a rooster to the Redbox? Rooster Man, that's who. My hubby and I made a quick trip to pick up a flick Saturday. As he scrolled through the available DVDs, I sat in the car and people watched. A man and his wife parked next to us. Just an ordinary couple . . . until I looked closer.

The man sat in the passenger seat cuddling something. Yes, I said cuddling. This something was large and feathery. And by large, I mean huge. I stared at them, blinked, then stared some more. So did everyone else in the parking lot. I know it's rude, but this is what I saw. You'd stare, too.

This is not an actual photo, but it's close. I swear.

Okay, maybe it was more like this, but bigger and cockier, and bigger. Did I mention it was huge?

Seriously. I really saw a man, who will live forever in my mind as, Rooster Man, with his arms wrapped around this feathery thing that was larger than my neighbor's dog. My first thought, right after, What the heck? was, Where's my phone? I have to take a picture.

I patted every pocket, searched the depths of my purse, cursed my forgetful self. No phone. No pic. No proof. How could I leave my phone home when Rooster Man made an appearance? I felt like I'd missed my opportunity to capture Big Foot on film. You don't get a second chance at a thing like this.

What strange things have you seen? Rooster sightings? Bizarre pets? The Loch Ness Monster? Drop a comment and share the story with us.


Anonymous said...

My memory recall isn't so hot right now. But something pretty strange at our house this week has been the 5yo's newfound love of vacuuming. He begs to vacuum. Daily. Very odd. But he's also the boy who used his allowance a year ago to buy a childsized broom to sweep the kitchen. I'm blaming my mother-in-law's genes because that definitely doesn't come from my side of the family.

Amie said...

Snuggling a rooster doesn't sound ideal to me. My odd sighting recently was while going down the freeway, I saw a "dog" with its head out the window of a minivan. When I got closer, I realized it was a llama just riding in the minivan with a lady and kid.

LeishaMaw said...

Nikki, one question, does he hire out? Because I'm pretty sure I missed the cleaning gene, too. Very funny.

Amie, A llama? Seriously? In a minivan? Oh, I wish I'd seen that. Did you get pics? Was it in the front seat? So, so funny.

Blake Goddard said...

Yay me! I won a contest finally! Woop...woop.

My strange sighting will be the subject of my next blog. Thanks for giving me a prompt!

Amie said...

It was in the middle section but had it's head out the front window. They must have removed the middle seat(s)? No pics, since I'm not quite talented enough to drive, find my phone and deal with the children all at once.

Cherie said...

Maybe it was an alpaca, I've heard of mini-vans being used to transport them.

Cherie said...

Maybe it was an alpaca, I've heard of mini-vans being used to transport them.


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