Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Running Toward The End

You know the old phrase, change is hard? Well, it is. It's worse than hard, it's mean, too. How mean? I'm talking make you cry kind of mean. How do I know? I'm there. Well, figuratively, not drowning in literal tears because that would be messy and make my eyes all red, and who wants that? Not me.

I'm talking about the transition from revising an existing project to writing a new book. Why is that hard? Because it's so, so different. You use different parts of your brain to write than to edit and revise, and I've been revising for a while now. It's almost like my head has forgotten how to just write without going back over every word and sentence in edit mode. Do you know how hard it is to move forward if your mind is always looking back and checking, checking, checking, checking every word you write? It's like trying to run a marathon while crouched at the starting line retying you shoes over and over to make sure the knot is just right. Yeah, you don't get too many miles in if you don't run. Or at least walk.

So, how do you silence the inner editor and move on to a new project? You go into training. My writers group is doing their own WriMO. (That's writing month for you non-writing peeps.) We're throwing caution to the wind and forcing out as much of a book as we can in one month's time. No editing allowed.

How am I doing? Errrrrr. I'm struggling. What did I write yesterday? Ummmm, does revising my opening chapter count? Not so much. I need to pound that darn internal editor into a coma for at least a month, and today is the day the fists fly. I'm going to allow myself to mess up. I'm going to expect it. I'm going to do it on purpose. Even if it almost kills me.

What does this mean? It means sloppy words and crazy pages. It means emancipation. It means fear. It means moving forward not looking back. It may even mean adrenaline and tears. It means progress. It means the true birth of my next book because I'm done tying my shoes. I'm ready to run.

Anyone want to join me? You're welcome to. Just pull out a pen and paper or your trusty computer and spew out those words. I can't wait to see how far we get and where our words take us. Mine take me toward the these words: The End.

So who's up to a good run?


Jonene Ficklin said...

Love it , Leisha - you go! And I'll bet your pages are awesome.

Cherie said...

Hmmm. How long does the book need to be?

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Awesome post, Leisha. And so, so true. You do use different parts of the brain for those tasks, and it's hard to flip from one to the next. Well, check that. I think it's easier to flip into editing mode because that also equals "inner critic" mode, which is sometimes hard to silence. It's way harder to turn off the editor and just create.

And on another note, are you attending Storymakers in a month? I hope so!!!

LeishaMaw said...

Jonene,see ya at the finish line! ;)

Cherie, do you want to do it? Word count is up to you. You get to set your own goal. Mine is about 50k.

Nancy, I want to go to Storymakers. Just trying to convince my checkbook that it wants me to go. The deadline is the 15th, right?


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