Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Dr. Who Famine Is Over

The famine is over. What famine? Why, the Dr. Who famine of course. If you don't know what (or Who) I'm talking about, you need to get you some Dr. Who because the Doctor rocks.

Here's a link to BBC America where you can watch the prequel to season six and a bunch of other scrumptious Dr. Who clips.

Web Exclusive Prequel - Season 6 Episode 1 - Season 6 - Doctor Who - Video - BBC America

Season six began last Saturday, but we didn't get to watch episode one until last night. Shazam! It was good! I may have screamed out loud in giddy excitement like a little girl. Oh wait, I am a girl, so it's all good.

The question is, why am I so excited about Dr. Who? Several reasons, first he rocks. I may have mentioned this, but he does, so it's worth repeating.

Second, the show has darn good writers. They know story. Period. They take lovable characters and hurl them into a problem. Then they hurt them over and over again. Can you say Conflict with a capital C? And the writers let the characters try and fail and try and fail as everything escalates like like some crazy chain reaction explosion, and then ultimately the characters win. Well, at least they better because this season started with a whopper of a problem. My seven-year-old burst into tears, and I wanted to join her. I won't spoil it for any of you Dr. Who fans out there who haven't seen the episode yet, but they mean business this year. Again.

Why is it so important to hurt your characters? Because it makes the reader/watcher love them. It's emotional. It hurts. It's therapeutic. Really it is. We watch a show or read a book for the emotional journey. David Farland says it's a safe way to exercise our emotions. Think about your favorite movie or book. Would you want to experience the kind of emotion the characters go through in your own life? Not me. I like my real life to be peaceful, but in a book or show? Heaven!

In my stories I am the pain bringer. I poke and prod and blow life into the conflict, I hurt my characters in the worst possible ways. And hopefully my readers will love them just like I love the good Doctor. And you love them the most when they triumph in spite of all the pain.

Which brings me to the third reason I'm excited for the new season of Dr. Who: he rocks.

Are you going to go on an emotional journey today? Are you going to write one? If so drop a line and tell me how you're going to hurt your characters or who your favorite hurting character is. Me, I'm going to watch as my character scratches out a shallow grave for her friend. *Rubs hands together and grins while holding a tissue*


Jonene Ficklin said...

Her friend DIES???? Now that hurts. (By the way, you do pain VERY well, especially all that bubbling acid and pools of bodily fluids . . . )

Shallee said...

I LOVE Doctor Who!! Seriously one of the best-written shows ever. I haven't gotten a chance to watch Sunday's episode yet, but a friend from my crit group buys them on Amazon and we watch them together. Can't wait to see it!

Cherie said...

Well, I can't agree with you on everything. After all I do like books where, "nothing happens".

LeishaMaw said...

Jonene, lol. Every fantasy book needs some fluid, right?

Shallee, I hope you get to watch it soon.

Cherie, that is true, but I know you like the good Doctor. :)

Karen said...

LOOOOOVED the first episode. :)

Carolyn V said...

Okay, I give. I'm going to have to start watching that show. =)

Texasblu said...

I ♥ Dr. Who - have since the 80's! Did you hear that the actress that played Sarah Jane died the 19th? So sad... I cried. Cancer. :'(

LeishaMaw said...

Karen, it was so awesome. :)

Carolyn, you should start with season one. Not the original season one from back in the day, but the one six seasons back. That way you'll know what's going on. It's worth it.

Texasblu, yes. Very sad. :( I hate cancer.


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