Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silence Falls

The time has come! School is back in session. The house echoed for three months, and now it sits and listens--waiting for sound to burst through the doors on the heels of grinning children. You can almost feel the wood and carpet and paint settle into the silence.

And me? I'm settling, too. Sinking into the peace and absense of TV, and video games, and obnoxious, beeping toys. My brain thrills with the silence, as if it found the perfect sound and is applauding.

Yet, at the same time the quiet strikes another chord in my soul. One of sadness.One of fear. My childen are gone and took with them the smiles and hugs and laughter. And for the first time, I see the future stalking me with mute promise. One day the laughter and noise might go for good and leave me listening to wood and carpet and paint.

And, I will miss it all. All the shouts, and blaring electronics, and yes, even the quarreling and noise, noise, noise. Because their sound fills me. Rattles around my being, seeps into my heart, which translates it into love.

For now, the silence is temporary, and I can embrace it with a sigh. But, I know now that it hunts me, and we stare at each other with knowing eyes. One day it will come to stay, but for now, my front door is open--waiting for the echoes of my children.


Matt M said...

So, silence is defening, golden, bliss, etc. makes sense now.

Matt M said...

Ha, Ignorance is bliss! So is silence, right?

L.T. Elliot said...

I'm going through this same thing, so I hear you. Well, at least we hear each other. *hugs*

Jonene Ficklin said...

Oh, I hear you on this one. I really like the temporary hours of silence, and I really love the hugs after that. Not sure how to handle the time it becomes permanent . . . but I hear grandkids are very nice! Here's to silence and hugs . . .

LeishaMaw said...

Matt, yes, it is all of those things. Even bliss. ;)

L.T., hugs right back at you.

Jonene, grandkids sound even more frightening right now than silence. Eek! That would mean either kid A or D was old enough to get married. Scary. He he.

Jolene said...

Funny I'm down to one, but he's three. I don't think my house is any quieter and I'm now typing with a kid on my lap, something I don't do when the sister is around.

Cherie said...

Hmm, kid A's not that far away, hehehehehehahahah.
How does that go? First comes driving, then comes marriage? or is it college?

LeishaMaw said...

Jolene, I remember those days. They were almost yesterday. My youngest just started first grade. Soon you will be typing without a free lap. :)

Cherie, you are an evil girl. *grin* And college better come first. At least for a while.

Irene B. Gardner said...

Oh, you are so right, Leisha. Beautifully and poetically said. I believe you are a genius and the whole world needs to know it.

HEY, WORLD!!! Here she is.

Luv ya,

LeishaMaw said...

Irene, you are too, too sweet. Hugs.


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