Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gearing Up For Battle

I’ve taken a couple of weeks off from my WIP to critique a few novels for some writer friends. It was a great experience, but now it’s back into the fray with my own, and yes, it is the fray. This is war. Me against the wrong words. My wrong words. It may get bloody.

I find myself gearing up to face this rewrite. I’ve had too long of a break, and my muse is silent, hibernating somewhere in the back of my mind. What tools will I need to wake her? What tools will I need to win this battle?

I need to be armed, and like a true word warrior it will be with things like creativity, passion, conflict, plot arcs, and guts. If you don’t think writing takes guts, you try opening the door into you innermost thoughts and smearing the contents onto a clean white page for all the world to see. It’s freaking scary.

I’ll also need patience and food. Yes, food. I eat when I write, which might explain that pesky ten pounds that glued itself to portions of my anatomy over the summer. Sigh.

So, bring on the words! Let the typing begin! I will not go down without a fight, or without an increased word count. What weapons are in your writing arsenal? What snacks wake up your muse? Spill, cause I need her awake and kicking.


Jonene Ficklin said...

I start writing and it's really, really bad. But chocolate helps. Crackers help. I have this cute little drawer where I put little munchies. The problem is, now the kids know . . . and right now it's empty. And my writing still stinks. My solution to the problem lies in knowing I'll have to show this putrifying pile of words to someone someday soon. So I eat an M&M (or 10), then wade in punching. I never know what will happen.

Carolyn V. said...

Awesome post! I hope you get tons of words written!

Jolene said...

Dark chocolate almonds and pellegrino out of a big bottle form the back of the fridge. It's my brain food.
Good luck, I actually loved my big re write once I was in the middle of it.


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