Thursday, August 4, 2011

Living Like You're Eight Feet Tall

I have a tall friend, I'm talking six-foot-eight kind of tall. He's a great guy and stands above the crowd almost everywhere he goes. In fact, I saw him at a recent community fair where a little old lady, who barely reached five feet, approached him and asked: Are you eight feet tall?

He laughed and told her his real height, emphasizing the shortness of it compared to Goliath standards. I laughed, too, and even though I was only an eavesdropper (the innocent-just-happen-to-be-standing-nearby kind, not the creepy-spy-on-people kind, just so you know) on this conversation, it's stuck with me. Why, because this friend lives larger than life everyday. It's not just his height, it's his personality, his presence in the world, his persistent goodness.

I want to live larger than life, too--in every aspect of myself. I want to write, mother, friend, neighbor, work, and play like I'm eight feet tall, even if I'm only five-foot-nine and shrinking. Yes, I want to live like a giant, in everyway, because I want someone else's life to be impacted for good because of what I've done. Not in a showy prideful way, but in a quiet live-like-a-giant in goodness kind of way.

A very wise man once said:
“Believe in yourself. Believe in your capacity to do great and good things. Believe that no mountain is so high that you cannot climb it. Believe that no storm is so great that you cannot weather it. You are not destined to be a scrub. You are child of God, of infinite capacity.”
Gordon B. Hinkley

How about you? Do you know people who live taller than they are? Does it inspire you to greatness? What makes you want to live life like you're eight feet tall?


Jonene Ficklin said...

Yup, I know someone who's at least ten feet tall and I read her blog all the time. Tends to be awfully inspiring, so cut it out, you! : ) Love the quote. Very wise words, indeed. I'm still pining over the physical status, as I'm usually an armrest (or footstool) for giants - however, I love the idea that I can stretch in other ways. Bring on the Miracle Grow!

Carolyn V said...

Oh yeah, I do know people like that. They are the best, because they make me want to be the best I can. Great post Leisha!

Cherie said...

Some of us think 5'9" is tall. :-)

LeishaMaw said...

Jonene,love the Miracle Grow idea. And if anyone lives like a giant, you do. :)

Carolyn, I love having friends who inspire me to greatness. :)

Cherie, well...pit height isn't so bad, right? He he he.

Julie Daines said...

One of the most amazing people I know is only 5 feet tall. Like I told my kids on Trek: it's the inside stature that matters. Great post.


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