Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I've Been Liebstered

Yes, I have indeed been Liebstered.

Ummmm, what is that, you say? Do you need a doctor? Or bed rest? A tissue? A straight jacket? Is it catching?

First off, it is catching, but that's a good thing. Second off, I needed a straight jacket before this, so that question doesn't even count. Thbbbt!

And now back to being liebstered. My writing friend, Jenilyn Tolley, gave me this:

From the minute amount of German I remember from high school and college I think it means she loves me. Or at least she loves my blog. (And it has a heart on it so if my German failed me, I have a pic to back me up.) Bonus! Because I heart/liebster her right back. She's a fun, fun gal with a crazy love of boots. Go check out her blog.

Seriously. Go forth and do. Really. Oh alright, you can wait until you finish reading mine. I know I'm just that addicting.

Anywho, in compliance with the almighty Liebster rules I must now:

1.) Milk a goat.
2.) Do the hula.
3.) Learn to beat box.
4.) Secretly deposit seven zucchini on the neighbor's porch without getting caught.
5.) Drive five carpools simultaneously.
6.) Hug a fat cat.

I'm strangely excited to do number three.

Okay, the real rules, which are so not as fun as mine, are:

Bestow the Liebster Award to awesome bloggers who, at the moment, have less than 200 followers. Then:

1.) Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them. (Check.)
2.) Reveal your top five picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog. (I'm getting there. Don't get all anxious. Sheesh.)
3.) Post the award on your blog. (Check.)
4.) Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the Internet – other writers. (Oooh oooh. I like this one. Grin)
5.) And best of all – have fun and spread the karma! (Me likey this one too. Double grin.)

So, without further ado, here are my five be-awesome picks. Cue the drum roll.

Sandy at A Writers Heart
CL Beck
Elizabeth Mueller, who has a book coming out this fall. Squee!
Mary at The Gray Willow
And Candice at Suffering From Writer's Blog

Taaa Daaaa!

Don't forget to check out Jenilyn's blog now that you are done reading mine, because she rocks! And so do all my fab picks. :)


CL Beck, author said...

Thanks for the fun award. That was so sweet of you! :)

Cherie said...

Your rules kind of make me want to invent a new blog award with my own crazy rules, lol.
The hugging the fat cat rule is kind of exclusionary though, lol.

Jonene Ficklin said...

Congratulations! For a minute there you had me worried about the requirements. Milk a goat? I guess that's one way to get blogger/writers out and about. But then I got it, ha ha! Good one. Enjoy your day and thanks for making me laugh.

Carolyn V said...

Aw! What a sweet award. (To be honest, I was a little scared when I read the title of your post.) =)

Irene B. Gardner said...

Leisha: Babes, your sense of humor ROCKS!!! I absolutely adore you and your writing skills.

Also: (Hint) You could still leave the zucchini on my porch. I'm the only person in the world who can't grow them. (I think there might be a story in that somewhere.)

Keep 'em coming, you clever imp.

LeishaMaw said...

CL, you deserve it! :)

Cherie, and milking a goat isn't? Lol indeed.

Jonene, it takes drastic measures to get us out, doesn't it?

Carolyn, I was a little afraid posting it. He he.

Irene, did you know everyone needs a friend like you. Hugs.


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