Friday, May 6, 2011

The Dentist and other Excuses

As you might have noticed, today is not Thursday. This is important because it's Friday, and Friday is not my scheduled posting day, BUT I have excuses. Good ones. Really. Here is my list.

1: The Dentist. Kid D had an early morning appointment yesterday, and since Hubby works at a job that pays him, and for some reason neighbors look at you a little strangely if you try to get them to take your kids to the dentist so you can post on your blog, that left me to do it. But it was worth it because Kid D is pretty funny when looped up on laughing gas, especially when the dentist tries to get her to admit to having a boyfriend. Ahhh good stuff.

2: I then checked Kid D into elementary and Kid C out to take him to the Jr. High for a tour so he'd be ready to go there next year. Kids with disabilities need this kind of thing. Mom's with kids with disabilities need this kind of thing. And yes, I had to bribe him with McDonald's, but it turned out to be all good because I refused to weigh myself after eating this time. See, I can be taught.

3: Tomatoes. Yup. I bet you didn't realize tomatoes were a good excuse to not blog. Well, they are when you love them and had to plant them, and to plant them you had to rototill the garden, and to rototill the garden you had to kill the wasps in their SEVEN nests that decided to attack. Now that's some serious tomato love. And I had to weed my peas because I love them, too. And I didn't write a single word until nine o'clock last night. Not even about tomatoes. And it felt gooooood.

4: Oh, and I may have been the teeniest bit lazy and in denial that it was Thursday. Shhhhh.

Anywho, I've learned my lesson, and it's not what you suspect. I learned it feels good to play hooky once in a while, and it's even better to live. A writer needs to spend time away from the computer, time living in the real world feeling the sun on their skin instead of watching it out the window. They need to refuel themselves with experiences and let their creativity rest. They need to rebel, not always, just once in awhile, and I'm so very glad I did, because now I'm hungry to write and can almost taste the waiting words. So, I'm off to dream them into reality while I anticipate fresh tomatoes and peas. But, I refuse to dream about the dentist because somethings are just plain wrong.

Are you dreaming or rebelling today?


Clancy said...

Both! I am writing this morning and then off to a friends to do mutual pedicures - because it's hard to do your own :)

Glad you got your tomato-love fix. I'll be playing hooky to get my movie-love fix next Tuesday.

Jonene Ficklin said...

Ha ha! Oh, that was good. I'm still waiting to find out what Kid D said about boyfriends while under the influence of happy gas. : )

LeishaMaw said...

Clancy, any day you can do both is a good one. Enjoy the pedicures and the writing. :)

Jonene, it was more the looks she gave him than what she said. That girl can say more with one slightly drunk look than most people can with paragraphs. He he.

Cherie said...

I'm wondering how laughing gas actually affects people. I mean I've never had it, but we all know Codine doesn't work. And when my kid "C" had laughing gas, while already under the influence of another drug made famous by internet videos, they just asked me after the third visit if I was actually giving him anything.
I did keep wondering if the laughing gas was supposed to produce some sort of visible effect, other than a pained look due to putting up with wearing the mask.
Maybe, I'll have to watch your children at the dentist. It sounds much more entertaining!


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