Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Nasties

First off, if you like art check out this contest at The Wonderful Obsessions.

Second, you get a short post today because it's been one of those weeks. You know the kind filled with groans, wet compresses, and sick kids. Kid D is down with the nasties, and I've spent most of my days (and nights) comforting her. This means I've spent zero time writing.

The surprising thing is that the forced time away from the computer turned out to be good. You see, my WIP was sick, too. Not deathly ill or anything, just a fever, cough, and chills.

I knew the poor thing felt off it's game, but I kept thinking, Just plow through this part and it will get better. Wrong.

The time away helped me see the problems in a broader way. I mentally reworked my plot, added a character, got rid of some others, and put a few more twists into the mix. AND I'm so excited to get back to work. Now I just need my lap and arms back.

Does time away from your projects help you see them in a new light?


Jonene Ficklin said...

Yes, it does. Sometimes taking a step back is a step in the right direction, isn't it? Hooray, I can't wait to see how your freshly recovered story is coming! (The waiting's been killing me.)

LeishaMaw said...

Jonene, it's been killing me, too.

Happily Cheesy said...

I like to step back after the initial "spree" of writing and give a story time to mature. After a few months/years its easy to objectively see the WIP.

Incidentally, I'm handing you an award, because you deserve it! (Especially after a week with the nasties!)

CL Beck, author said...

Time away from a WIP does seem to help most people, as long as it's not too much time.

By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on "Memory." Glad you enjoyed it ... I thought it was a hoot. :)

LeishaMaw said...

Happily Cheesy, thanks! That's awesome! :)

CL Beck, it was a hoot. :)

L.T. Elliot said...

Time away helps--too much time away (for me) makes me forget stuff, too. ;)

Hope you feel better soon!

LeishaMaw said...

L.T., she's doing better, now it's Kid B. Got to love how families share germs. :)


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