Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter Bravery

I have brave friends. Really I do. How brave you ask? You be the judge.

Over the last few months I started biking with these friends. It was a blast. I got a work out as we labored up hills, I got a rush from the wind against my face as we barreled back down them. We even got honked at and cheered for as we biked down the the road with longboards strapped to our backs. I was a cool mom for awhile.

Then the cold came. It moved in and settled like a toothache, mean and throbbing. And it's here for the winter.

I promptly turned on my fire, grabbed a blanket, and went into hibernation. But not my friends. They'd text me early in the morning, all hope and excitement. It went something like this:

Their text: Going riding. Want 2 come?

Mine: Ummm. It's 25 degrees. I'm afraid.

Theirs: It will be fine.

Mine: Too scared. Need fireplace.

And another day:

Theirs: You coming riding?

Me: Don't hate me, but no.

See? They. Are. Brave. And me? It's official. I'm a hermit. A cold-fearing, whimpering hermit.

And then today I got this text: Going for some type of exercise this morning. If we go for a walk instead of a ride, will you come?

And me?



Maybe next time.


Where's my blanket?


Jonene Ficklin said...

I've decided there aren't enough blankets or fireplaces to take all the cold out of winter. What we need are more airplanes and one-way tickets to the tropics! (And for sure, we'd all exercise six hours a day.)

Nikki Mantyla said...

Someone told me exercise isn't necessary in the winter, and I haven't even bothered to research to see if they're right; I'm just going with it. My biking and hiking will resume with spring, thank you very much! In the mean time, this post reminds me that I want my slippers on.

Cherie said...

Be brave, you can do it.

LeishaMaw said...

Jonene, a ticket to the tropics sounds very nice. I'll take it. :)

Nikki, slippers are nice. I have mine on, too.

Cherie, are you sure?

Julie Daines said...

The coldest I've gone riding in is 23 degrees. I went 20 miles with my good winter riding gear. Then I spent 45 minutes in the shower trying to warm up.

Cherie said...

I'm sure you can do it. Sure that you will enjoy it? No.


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